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HealthStone Affiliated Providers have agreed to work together to promote the well-being of our patients. All HealthStone Providers promote the principles of the triple-aim created by the Affordable Care Act. The three dimensions of the triple aim are to improve the patient experience (quality and satisfaction), improve the health of our patients and to reduce the overall cost of health care. Working together, HealthStone Providers will ensure timely access to care, clear and consistent communication, a comprehensive care plan that includes the patient’s goals and continuity in the provision of services.

HealthStone Affiliated Providers are a team of the best providers in the community who have come together to change the way health care is delivered. By creating a cohesive model that promotes communication and shared information between health care providers and patients, HealthStone alleviates the fragmentation that has challenged the health care delivery system for decades. If HealthStone is a team, the Primary Care Physician is the quarterback. Your primary care physician (PCP) is your main point of contact for all of your health care needs. Your PCP, along with his staff, will coordinate all of the services you need.

By coordinating services between providers we will improve the patient experience. Through the timely sharing of accurate and consistent information, HealthStone Providers will more effectively and efficiently develop comprehensive care plans to address each patient’s unique needs. Through the promotion of proactive preventive medicine we will work together to keep our patients healthy and prevent avoidable illnesses. All HealthStone Providers promote patient education and patient engagement in the patient’s self-management of their care. All HealthStone providers believe in the fundamental principle that all physicians have a responsibility to deliver the highest quality health care. We also believe that all patients have an obligation to be engaged in their own health care and actively work to maintain and improve their health status.

We look forward to a long and lasting relationship. Thank you for choosing a HealthStone provider.