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Ivel De Freitas, MD
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Dr. Ivel De Freitas

Ivel De Freitas, MD

Ivel De Freitas, a leader in the field of regenerative and biomolecular medicine. She is a pioneer in the development of innovative and unique preventive and regenerative medical protocols. She is the founder and CEO of Onogen, a biotech dynamic organization that provides specifically formulated intravenous regenerative therapies formulated based on each patient’s unique biomolecular and genetic needs. Her training includes: Internal Medicine at Danbury Hospital, Yale University; Mind, Body, Medicine Training at Harvard Medical School (Benson-Henry Institute); and Integrative Nutrition and Health Coaching at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, State University of New York (SUNY). Her extensive background allows her to use the latest knowledge and technology in Medicine with a sensitive and scientifically based holistic approach aimed to “biohack” the real root cause of people’s health problems. She is also head of Leaf it UP, an innovative wellness program, designed to empower people using different multidisciplinary strategies to improve their lifestyle and health.