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Welcome to HealthStone Primary Care Partners. As a primary care physician, I know healthcare is becoming increasingly complex. It is important that you have a primary care physician that you can trust and who is attentive to your healthcare needs. It is also important that your physician has the skills, knowledge and support team to help you navigate an ever changing marketplace.

As a physician, my role has changed significantly and continues to change. This isn’t only as a result of healthcare reform, but it is changing as a result of the changing needs of my patients, the payers and health plans I participate with and the community in which we live and work. We are all working towards delivering the most effective care in the most cost effective setting, while improving outcomes and making healthcare more accessible for everyone.

I also believe that if physicians are going to continue to be successful in both their abilities to operate a viable practice and continue to deliver the highest quality care, they must start working together. This is why we created HealthStone Primary Care Partners. HealthStone physicians are committed to delivering the highest quality care. They recognize the challenges that are forthcoming and have the insight and desire to work together with their colleagues to face those challenges head on.

We are excited about the future and sincerely appreciate that you have selected a HealthStone provider as your Primary Care Physician. Out team will always work to exceed your expectations.

Thank you for being part of our family,

Charles Stone
HealthStone Primary Care Partners

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